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TOD Kitchen Faucet from Watermark

Posted in: Product Of The Month by Staff on August 4, 2017


TOD is a kitchen faucet that incorporates linear valve technology into the handles to provide what is really the perfect solution for those home chefs and cooks working in kitchens.

  • Diamond Knurling on the base of each piece – and they line up exactly Low profile/
  • Low profile/escutcheon but ‘beefy’ 1 1/4 diameter — making it a focal point
  • Diamond Knurling is incorporated into the accessories (paper towel holder, etc)
  • Available with two spout options – the ‘classic’ spout which is available in all 40 finishes and a pull-out spout available in 13 finishes
  • Two type of handles – single lever (joystick) and widespread