Watermark – Brut Faucet

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The Brut collection is a beautiful blend of polishes to add two different types of textures to the faucet. The spouts’ exterior polish is smooth as the interior side of the faucet is rough. The collection comes in 24 different design combinations.

Belwith Keeler – Verge Collection

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Verge Collection

The Verge collection is designed with knurled surfaces and edgy geometry. This unique collection comes in four different color options: chrome, stainless steel, satin brass, and oil-rubbed bronze. All great choices to help you take your design to the next level!

Sonia Bath – New Accessories

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Sonia Bath has come out with some new accessories to help make your bathroom more stylish and functional! They came out with the Nomad Floor Mount, F1 Mirror Light, and the Quick sink attachment.

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Nomad Floor Mount

The Nomad was built to be stylish and functional and give users the ability to have a towel-rack where ever they please. At the bottom of the rack is also a place for toilet paper storage.


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F1 Mirror Light

The F1 mirror light is a great addition to any bathroom! It has a beautiful sleek design and is very easy to install. The light can be clipped onto the mirror or screwed on depending on the user’s preference.

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Quick Sink Attachment

The Quick sink attachment comes in five different styles depending on their user’s preference. The Quick attachment allows users to add a shelf, toilet roll holder, towel bar and or a robe hook to their sink. All great attachments to add to your sink to make your bathroom more functional day-to-day.

Belwith Keeler – Fuse Collection

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Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 4.07.09 PM

The Fuse Collection is the perfect blend of wood and metal together as one in a modern design. The use of clean lines and unique shaping allows for the highlighting of both the wood and metal. The collection has the option of 4 different stains of wood and four different colors of metal to match your designs perfectly!

Watermark – Lily Faucet

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Watermark Watermark

These are some of the most unique designs and finishes. This faucet collection comes in three distinct designs; a dimple pattern, an ogee or mermaid scale pattern, and a traditional diamond pattern.