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April Product Of The Month: Thermasol Ultimate Control Package

Posted in: Product Of The Month by Staff on April 23, 2012

Traditional Ultimate Package… for those that demand the best of the best.

The Ultimate Package combines simplicity, and a higher standard of efficiency with the inclusion of the Easy Start & Remote Controls. The Easy Start can be placed virtually anywhere to start your rejuvenating steam sessions, and the RF Remote makes it unnecessary to leave the comfort of your seat to make setting modifications… just sit back and let the total spa experience whisk you away.

The Signature & Remote control systems are designed to operate the white shower light, mood light, authentic seven healing Chakra’s, Chromatherapy, all audio functions including bass, treble, mid-range, FM stereo, two input sources, volume, and all the steam functions… and when the generator is not in use it features a day clock. Additionally, the only system with VOICE RESPONSE, no need to see the control, you hear what you’re adjusting.

All options are plug-and-play using the latest Can Bus digital technology, simply plug in your MP3, CD Player, DVD Player, satellite radio or TV control boxes. You’ll appreciate the high performance sound system featuring a separate sub-woofer and tweeters, powered by a Mosfet Amplifier.

And, to complement the immersion of all your senses the offering includes a 6 pack of essential oils to bring you the ultimate personal spa experience.

Ultimate Package includes:
• Signature Control and Steamhead
• Serenity Light and Music System
• Serenity Remote Control
• Easy Start Control
• Six-pack of essential oils