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September Product Of The Month: Kos Morphing Tub

Posted in: Product Of The Month by Staff on September 8, 2011

Arch. Elena Zucchetti, CEO Zucchetti.Kos: “MORPHING, the collection with a
difference, lends itself to being shaped, modelled and fused with the tastes and
innermost needs of contemporary living – private or contract – worldwide.
Beyond ‘sartorial design’, ‘beyond projects that are functional to the
centimetre’, Morphing experiments with the formal limitations of classic
bathroom types, generating innovative and design-oriented shaping. Once
again, Gruppo Zucchetti.Kos brings unique solutions and ground-breaking
potential to the world of bathrooms”.

Sculptural and sophisticated, surprisingly ‘familiar’ – yet totally innovative –
Morphing embodies a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, new
materials, and echoes of classic styles.

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, designers of the collection: “We believe that
good projects already exist in a sort of collective imagery, and that our mission
consists in identifying these unconscious needs, give them form and introduce
them to the world. A product, which will be chosen by an infinite number of
people we don’t know, will therefore feel surprisingly familiar right from the first
glance. A real crush – like love at first sight! Choices, tastes … passion: they’re
Evidence — clearly visible in all that we create. The hallmark of our work –
research, development, engineering – is summed up in one word: EVIDENCE”.

Morphing results from the partnership of archetypical forms (impressed in
the memory of every one of us), with innovative aesthetics. It represents the
metamorphosis of the bathroom-to-be: owing to a strategic manufacturing
project, based on the use of few moulds, Morphing enables multiple formal
and spatial solutions, and offers a vast range of models.

Bathtubs, wash basins, cabinets, implements and accessories. Delivering
design and sculptural aesthetics to any bathroom ambience, through the
reduced dimensions of the collection’s elements: unprecedented forms and
details, for pure day-to-day enjoyment.

The MORPHING collection, developed in concert with the Cristalplant® brand,
explores and enhances the transforming aesthetics of this innovative and
contemporary material, ever more the star on the stage of bathroom design.