Zucchetti – Closer Faucet

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Zucchetti Closer Faucet

Zucchetti’s Closer Faucet debuted in 2014 and has won many awards for its design since. The design was created to represent freedom of the flow of water, allowing users to adjust it to their own preference. With its easy to adjust design and sleek details, it has become Zucchetti’s top seller!

Watermark- Elan Vital kitchen Faucet with Optional Wire Basket

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Watermark’s Elan Vital Kitchen Faucet with the optional wire basket offers it’s users the ability to adjust the telescopic spout that extends or retracts as needed. The faucet also allows users to adjust the temperature and water pressure to the desired settings, making this faucet very user-friendly and customizable!

Sonia Bath – Epoque Vanity

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Sonia EpoqueSonia EpoqueSonia Epoque

Sonia’s new Epoque Vanity has a classic cut with a reinterpretation of contemporary design.

This piece is designed with natural wood and a sink made of dolomite, a natural mineral compound.



Zucchetti – “Nude” Faucet Collection

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Zucchetti's Nude FaucetZucchetti's Nude Faucet

Zucchetti’s Nude Faucet was inspired by tools used in historical French wine Chateau cellars. The stunning design was created to be a perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and creativity. All of which gives this piece a luxury French design!

Schmidin – Riva Frame Tub & Duett Frame Sink

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Schmidin Tub & Sink

Schmidlin’s Riva frame tub and Duett frame sink are designed with an oval construction and are sophisticatedly shaped. Both are supported by a glazed titanium steel frame!