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The Modello Collection

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Introducing the Modello from SIDLER®, our most adaptable cabinet is your personal solution today.

With an enhanced anodized aluminum body including a mirrored back, SIDLER®’s Modello is the standard cabinet for you. Customize your cabinet; this is the first time SIDLER® has introduced the “Add-on” feature, where you can create your cabinet your way.

The foundation of the cabinet is fully equipped with Blum soft-close hinges, SilverLasting double-sided mirror door, distortion-free mirrors and adjustable styling shelves. Adjust the height, width, depth, door configuration and electrical outlet option with the new Modello from SIDLER®.

Island Tub Drain from OS&B

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maxresdefault (6)


Newly redesigned Asymmetrical 18 Gauge Epoxy coated Metal Deck Flange – makes installation in tight spaces easier
Built-in Snap-off Test Cap – allows for water/air/smoke testing
ITD35 is a Freestanding Tub rough-in (install before tile installation) – access below fixture not required
Low profile design – allows for installation in 8” joist space or greater

Installation Tips
Use 5” hole saw to cut sub floor (not included). Cutting template included
Secure Deck Flange with 6 screws (not included)
Do not cut the brass Tailpiece as this may cause a leak

2 x Brass Tailpieces (Fine Thread and Flanged)
ABS or PVC Adapter Kit (attaches Island Tub Drain™ to ABS or PVC Bath Wastes)
Island Drain assembly with 1-1/2” DWV ABS Tailpiece
2” x 1-1/2” ABS Reducing Bushing
Cutting template
Mortar/Tile Guard

TOD Kitchen Faucet from Watermark

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TOD is a kitchen faucet that incorporates linear valve technology into the handles to provide what is really the perfect solution for those home chefs and cooks working in kitchens.

  • Diamond Knurling on the base of each piece – and they line up exactly Low profile/
  • Low profile/escutcheon but ‘beefy’ 1 1/4 diameter — making it a focal point
  • Diamond Knurling is incorporated into the accessories (paper towel holder, etc)
  • Available with two spout options – the ‘classic’ spout which is available in all 40 finishes and a pull-out spout available in 13 finishes
  • Two type of handles – single lever (joystick) and widespread
The Francois ER1 from Chambord

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Sinks Chambord

Strength, classicism, and character. François 1er is a reflection of years of expertise and artisan skill. The Chambord ceramic is guaranteed “hand-made”. Distributed by Nantucket Sinks.

Zucchetti Italy: Him Faucet

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HIM deck mount single lever washbasin mixer with an antisplash spout. Transitional Style.

“Him is a piece of architecture inhabited by an almost organic ergonomic handle. We designed a radically new form a shape from which water springs in all its vitality. The initial idea followed the concept of less is more searching for a simple use of the material and a formal expression of the object’s function. The result of this architectural genesis was a light complete product in harmony with the evolution in washbasins towards more subtle geometric solutions.” Ludovica+Roberto Palomba