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Schmidlin – Orbis Collection

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The Schmidlin ORBIS is both clear and round shaped making it a popular classic. You can also rely on the practical side of its washbasin which includes a deep shape and optional overflow. Schmidlin ORBIS offers you a lot of storage space and numerous design variants: you get the washbasin as an insert, top, and wall basin as well as a double basin. Schmidlin ORBIS is also available as a Vario product. Vario stands for custom-made products with easy ordering, fast delivery, and fixed prices.

Watermark Designs – Elements Collection

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Watermark Designs 1 Brooklyn based manufacturer of luxury faucets showers andWatermark Designs 2Brooklyn based manufacturer of luxury faucets showers andWatermark Designs 3 Brooklyn based manufacturer of luxury faucets showers and

The Elements collection from Watermark Designs allows customers to completely customize their kitchen and bath faucets online. With three different faucet shapes, 14 handle styles, two insert options, and 24 finishes, there are more than 300,000 unique combinations.

The Modello Collection

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Introducing the Modello from SIDLER®, our most adaptable cabinet is your personal solution today.

With an enhanced anodized aluminum body including a mirrored back, SIDLER®’s Modello is the standard cabinet for you. Customize your cabinet; this is the first time SIDLER® has introduced the “Add-on” feature, where you can create your cabinet your way.

The foundation of the cabinet is fully equipped with Blum soft-close hinges, SilverLasting double-sided mirror door, distortion-free mirrors and adjustable styling shelves. Adjust the height, width, depth, door configuration and electrical outlet option with the new Modello from SIDLER®.

Island Tub Drain from OS&B

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Newly redesigned Asymmetrical 18 Gauge Epoxy coated Metal Deck Flange – makes installation in tight spaces easier
Built-in Snap-off Test Cap – allows for water/air/smoke testing
ITD35 is a Freestanding Tub rough-in (install before tile installation) – access below fixture not required
Low profile design – allows for installation in 8” joist space or greater

Installation Tips
Use 5” hole saw to cut sub floor (not included). Cutting template included
Secure Deck Flange with 6 screws (not included)
Do not cut the brass Tailpiece as this may cause a leak

2 x Brass Tailpieces (Fine Thread and Flanged)
ABS or PVC Adapter Kit (attaches Island Tub Drain™ to ABS or PVC Bath Wastes)
Island Drain assembly with 1-1/2” DWV ABS Tailpiece
2” x 1-1/2” ABS Reducing Bushing
Cutting template
Mortar/Tile Guard

TOD Kitchen Faucet from Watermark

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TOD is a kitchen faucet that incorporates linear valve technology into the handles to provide what is really the perfect solution for those home chefs and cooks working in kitchens.

  • Diamond Knurling on the base of each piece – and they line up exactly Low profile/
  • Low profile/escutcheon but ‘beefy’ 1 1/4 diameter — making it a focal point
  • Diamond Knurling is incorporated into the accessories (paper towel holder, etc)
  • Available with two spout options – the ‘classic’ spout which is available in all 40 finishes and a pull-out spout available in 13 finishes
  • Two type of handles – single lever (joystick) and widespread